Fan Page

This is the page where we’ll be putting up fan links and free graphics for you to use on your own blogs, websites, etc.

If you’d like to submit a link, or some original fan art (something you’ve painted or drawn yourself) to this page, email it to

If you’d like to see something in particular here, let us know!

Autographed Copies

I often get requests from readers who would like to buy autographed copies for their own collections or as a gift.

Because I live in New Zealand, I haven’t previously organized autographed copies except at signings, because of the high shipping costs. However, since so many of you have requested these for special occasions, I’m happy to tell you that you can order signed copies directly from a local New Zealand bookseller: Chapter NZ.

Just contact the store at the email address below if and when you’d like to order a signed book. If you’d like me to inscribe a special message (like Happy Birthday or something else), just put that in your email.

The store can order both the US and the International editions of my books (English language), so if you prefer one or the other, do let them know.

They’ll also be able to let you know the estimated shipping costs. Again, I do reiterate that NZ is a long way away for most of you, so please don’t go crazy ordering before you check out the overall price, including the cost of the book (which is likely to be different from your region), as well as shipping. 🙂



Want to talk about my books with other readers? Drop by the fan forum set up by one of my readers or check out Nalini Singh Fans on Goodreads.

Spanish-language wikis

Guild Hunter
Rock Kiss

Book Graphics

These graphics were created specifically for your use, so feel free to grab them from this page. The artist is the supremely talented NiAnluain.

(NB: This doesn’t include the fan art – as always, check with their creators if you’d like to use those pieces in any way)

Twitter Icons
Facebook Icons

15 inch (400K)
17 inch (550K)
19 inch (940K)
30 inch (1.5MB)

15 inch (460K)
17 inch (650K)
19 inch (850K)
30 inch (1.5MB)

iPhone wallpaper
Download (380K)


Fan Art

If you would like to use any of this art in any way (i.e. as an avatar, etc), please ask the artist(s) for permission.