Archangel's Lineage

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nalini singh archangel's lineage

23 April 2024

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Advanced Excerpt

Raphael’s wings rose above his shoulders, hers pressed to his body so only the arches were visible, and it was them in the mirror. Two people whose loyalty was set in stone, and whose love was a slumbering inferno, hot and languid, until they wanted it to burn.

She and her archangel, they’d weathered a psychotic archangel, then a megalomaniacal one, a Cascade of fucking Death, and oh, just for fun, a vampiric uprising in the aftermath of a war that had devastated the world.

All of it side by side.

Raphael traced the line of the body art in the opposite direction, then slid his finger back down with luxurious intent, his eyes heavy-lidded as he caressed her.

“I’ll stab you if you don’t stop that.” She glared. “I have to put on my stupid be-polite-to-the-grand-pooh-bahs face. Stop distracting me with thoughts of nakedness if you’re not going to pay up.”

His grin was wicked and young and one very few people ever saw. “I’ll remind you that I am one of the grand pooh-bahs.”

Shifting her wing out of the way, she elbowed him in that rock hard stomach, then pressed in with a blade without breaking the skin. “Right now, Mr. Grand Pooh-bah Raphael, you’re barely dressed. We’ll be late if you don’t get a move on—and I will absolutely stab you if we have to stay later to make up the time.”

His grin didn’t alter as he drew back, his mood making her thighs clench. The urge to jump onto him, lock her legs around that delicious body, and put his hand properly on her breast while she kissed the life out of him made her mouth water and her pulse race.

“So bloodthirsty.” Hot blue, his eyes made her a promise dark and decadent even as he kept his words light. “Truly, a woman I adore.”

She watched him move to the wardrobe where the staff who ran their Refuge stronghold had hung up the formal leathers he planned to wear tonight. He’d already put on the black pants, now pulled on the sleeveless black top that showcased his toned biceps and those forearms that made her want to bite him.

Down, Elena, she told herself. Save that for when you have lots of time.

Copyright © 2023 by Nalini Singh

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For the Complete Chronological Reading Order, click here.

1. Angels’ Blood
2. Archangel’s Kiss
3. Archangel’s Consort
4. Archangel’s Blade
5. Archangel’s Storm
6. Archangel’s Legion
7. Archangel’s Shadows
8. Archangel’s Enigma
9. Archangel’s Heart
10. Archangel’s Viper
11. Archangel’s Prophecy
12. Archangel’s War
13. Archangel’s Sun
14. Archangel’s Light
15. Archangel’s Resurrection
16. Archangel’s Lineage

Guild Hunter Novellas

1. Angels’ Pawn (available as an e-book on its own, and also as part of Angels’ Flight)
2. “Angels’ Judgment” in Angels’ Flight (originally part of the Must Love Hellhounds anthology)
3. “Angel’s Wolf” in Angels’ Flight (originally part of the Angels of Darkness anthology)
4. “Angels’ Dance” in Angels’ Flight

Book 16: the Guild Hunter series

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s dangerous and beautiful world of archangels, vampires, and mortals has never faced a threat this cataclysmic…

Raphael and Elena are experiencing their first ever year of true peace. No war. No horrors of archangelic power. No nightmares given flesh. Until…the earth beneath the Refuge begins to tremble, endangering not only angelkind’s precious and fragile young, but the very place that has held their most innocent safe for eons.

Amid the chaos, Elena’s father suffers a violent heart attack that threatens to extinguish their last chance to heal the bonds between them and make sense of the ruins of their agonizing shared history.

Even as Elena battles grief, Raphael is torn from her side by the sudden disappearance of an archangel. But worse yet is to come. An Ancestor, an angel unlike any other, stirs from his Sleep to warn the Cadre of a darkness so terrible that it causes empires to fall and civilizations to vanish.

This time, even the Cadre itself may not be able to stop a ticking clock that is counting down at frightening speed…

The Guild Hunter series