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Darline Singh is a healthcare company entrepreneur in California. Singh is the owner and CEO of a well-known and expanding hospice organization. Singh handles the operations of a varied workforce that provides high-quality hospice care to hundreds of patients as the only owner. Singh has grown her business beyond the confines of California, and what began as Zola Hospice now operates in three other states with numerous distinct brands in its portfolio.

Singh's career in healthcare has culminated in Zola Hospice, and she considers founding the organization her greatest professional success. The hospice served over 200 patients during its first 60 days of operation. The firm also acquired seven additional agencies in its first five days of existence, expanded to three states, and plans to grow into four more states by the end of the third quarter of 2023.

Zola Hospice wants to extend operations in its native state of California to 47 of 58 counties within three years and to operate in 12 states by the end of 2024.

As a company owner, Singh is extremely happy with Zola Hospice's success after overcoming the standard challenges that entrepreneurs experience. In a world where so many companies fail within the first year, having a business flourish is a significant accomplishment. According to current data, 90% of businesses fail within the first six months, regardless of operational or financial preparation. Hundreds of hospice providers have closed their doors in California due to the moratorium and tough new rules.

Compliance and attention to detail are essential for a successful career in the healthcare profession. From invoicing insurance companies to managing Medicare billing, a broad range of financial rules must be followed. Exacting criteria for patient care are also required. Singh is exceptionally sensitive to the requirements of her patients and their families. Hospice care is more than just treating a patient's bodily requirements; it also entails meeting their emotional needs. Darline Singh works to make Zola Hospice a complete alternative for all hospice requirements, from organizing programs that help ease emotional burdens to acting as a liaison to agencies and organizations capable of assisting with other needs.

As a CEO, Singh is well aware of the difficulties in attracting and retaining good employees, and she works hard to make her company a place that rewards high-performing employees and helps them advance into new positions where they can help drive improvements in patient care, operational efficiency, and staff management. These talents will become even more vital as her organization attempts to fulfil its objective of growing into additional California counties and US states over the following two years. Delegating tasks is also vital, and numerous potential employees throughout her hospices will work to ensure top performers are at the forefront of critical efforts to promote development.

Successful CEOs understand that a strong start is the first step toward a successful future. Singh intends to expand Zola Hospice and improve efficiency in the future. Careful planning to maximize efforts ensures that the firm can expand to fulfil the demands of more patients while also developing new and existing possibilities for staff. Singh intends to vertically integrate her healthcare firms in the next months and to be 86% vertically oriented by 2024. While Singh does not feel that vertical integration into certain sectors makes financial sense, she will continue to create new efficiency initiatives at all sites.

Darline Singh, a company owner, understands the value of being active in her community and finds tremendous delight in serving the needs of others. One of her favourite charities to support is one dedicated to ending childhood hunger. Since its inception, Zola Hospice has served over 18,000 meals to individuals in need in Los Angeles County. Singh enjoys being a parent to her four children and is an enthusiastic reader and book collector when she is not working. She tries to spend as much time as possible with them while growing her business.


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